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HSL Parasitology Results

Normal reporting practice

Reports are currently issued in either paper format (via postal system) or Encrypted PDF reports via email and GP link for local GPs.

Where possible the Department would prefer to issue reports as encrypted PDFs via email system to ensure the speed and security of data delivery (including compliance with GDPR).

Encrypted PDFs as sent as soon as the results are ready, and ensure the fastest routine reporting system available.

If you would like to set up email reporting you will need an email address that is regularly monitored. Please email


Telephoned results

Results are telephoned under the following circumstances:

  • If t is thought that a result might lead to an immediate change in patient management (including positive Malaria films, Positive Leishmania results, Positive African Trypanosomiasis results (HAT), Positive Neuroschitosomiasis).
  • If further information is required to decide whether the submitted sample should be processed further.
  • If a telephoned result has been requested.
  • All on-call results.
  • Results will usually be telephoned by the Specialist Registrar or by the individual who has performed the test, but if clinical advice is likely to be needed the call may be made by the Consultant Parasitologist or Deputy. If a telephone number, telephone extension or bleep number has been indicated on the report, the call will be made to that number.

Although written and email reports are issued as soon as they are available, the laboratory is happy to make results available by telephone when these would be of clinical assistance. Users are asked to use this service only when necessary as it does delay the routine work of the laboratory.

The use of encrypted PDF reports via email offers a significant improvement in the speed of returning results to our users and has been found to largely negate the requirement for telephoning the department.


Storage of results

All records are currently maintained in the department for a minimum period of ten years.

Information Governance Policy

Please note we are unable to fax results.