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Cervical screening results

Turnaround times

In 2023 the average length of time to receive an authorised report was 8 days from the date the sample was taken.

Communication of results to the sample taker

All cervical screening results, which include both a result and a management recommendation, are sent to the sample requester.

The majority of reports in primary care are sent electronically to the sample requester. A small number will continue to receive hard-copy reports. As part of the overall transition to primary high-risk human papillomavirus (HR-HPV) testing across London, the aim is to have all results sent electronically.

In secondary care, users receive reports by secure email to a dedicated mailbox.

Results to Cervical Screening Administration Service (CSAS)

Results are transmitted daily to the Cervical Screening Administration Service (CSAS), who are responsible for notifying individual women of their results in writing.

Direct referrals

All women who have a HR-HPV DETECTED /CYTOLOGY ABNORMAL test will be referred directly to colposcopy. The colposcopy administration team arranges appointments directly with the woman, unless a referral to another unit is requested by the woman. In this case the woman is referred back to her GP by colposcopy who will redirect the referral as per patient’s choice.


CSL runs a failsafe system to ensure the individuals are not lost to follow up.

The laboratory will send notifications to sample takers at specified time frames if the failsafe team have not been notified of attendance at colposcopy, or outcome of the referral.

Routine failsafe 16 weeks 24 weeks 32 weeks
Urgent failsafe 4 weeks 6 weeks 8 weeks
  1st letter 2nd letter 3rd (Final) letter

Multidisciplinary Team Meetings (MDT)

The clinical team provides support for MDTs across London. For any queries in relation to MDTs, please email

Please send MDT lists to one week in advance of the meeting.

Cancer Audit Review

CSL participates in Cancer Audit Review. Legacy cases reported before 2 December 2019 remain the responsibility of Trusts. CSL works closely with Cervical Screening Provider Leads (CSPLs) and the London Screening Quality Assurance Service (SQAS) to ensure local and external reviews are carried out in line with national guidance.

For any queries or requests in relation to cancer audit, please email


Cervical sample taker training

All cervical samples takers taking samples with the NHS Cervical Screening Programme are required to comply with the training requirement specified in the National Guidance below.

It is highly recommended that all sample takers in primary and secondary care complete the e-learning for healthcare modules. To access e-learning for healthcare please follow the link below.


Cervical sample taker PIN code

All sample takers, including those medically qualified, sending samples to CSL must be registered on the LonCSTD.

For further information on how to obtain your London PIN, please contact