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HSL Parasitology Request procedures

See the main Tests section for general information on request procedures.

Where possible, use a Parasitology request form personalised to your location. A personalised request form will have the code assigned to your laboratory or practice; this ensures expeditious processing of the specimen and ensures the report is returned to the requesting address.

If a laboratory would like a copy of the new Parasitology request form please email the Scientific Lead providing the laboratory address, responsible person to whom results are to be sent (where appropriate), telephone and fax number using the following email address:

Request forms can be dispatched to you by prior arrangement. Use a separate form for each specimen type. Personalised request forms will ensure your tests are booked in correctly and you receive the results in a timely manner. Complete all sections of the form using a ball-point pen or ink. Mark clearly the name of the responsible person (and deputy where appropriate) to whom results are to
be sent.

Please give complete patient identification and relevant clinical details, including risk category and travel history. This information is needed to help determine which special precautions are required and which tests are to be performed. If you use your own form, please include your address and a contact telephone number that we can use in case of a clinically urgent result.

The test requestor must be an authorised person, not a member of the public.
The recipient of the results must be a recognised laboratory, medical practitioner or health care provider.

Processing times for different specimens vary according to clinical priority, as does the frequency of individual tests.

Clinically urgent requests will be given priority and the results telephoned to you by a senior member of staff at the earliest opportunity.