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HSL Advanced Diagnostics

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HSL Advanced Diagnostics (HSL-AD) is a specialist clinical and research referral laboratory for targeted cancer diagnostics. Evolving from the UCLH Department of Research Pathology, HSL-AD has been providing expert services to UCLH Hospitals since the early 1980s and to other hospitals around the UK and overseas since 1990.

Modern personalised cancer treatments depend upon an accurate characterisation of the disease, and so HSL-AD provides immunohistochemistry, in situ and molecular tissue diagnostics services. It has one of the largest collections of antibodies and in situ probes in the country for use on formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissue sections, and is a major centre for HER2 testing using both immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridisation (ISH).

In addition, a series of chromogenic in situ methods are used to test for infective agents, such as cytomegalovirus (CMV), Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). The laboratory also provides an HPV genotyping service for FFPE material.

2014 saw the implementation of a translational program to bring rapid, cost effective targeted next generation sequencing of cancer-specific somatic mutation targets to clinical practice. This led to the development of the Sarah Cannon Molecular Diagnostics, a specialist centre and HSL Advanced Diagnostics partner laboratory for next generation sequencing services.

Our service is available on a permanent or temporary basis to all laboratories, pathologists, and oncologists whether they require a complete immunohistochemistry, in situ or molecular service, or just to complement their own local testing protocols with additional, specific biomarkers.

We strongly believe that rapid, accurate and cost effective diagnostic testing; enabling assignment of targeted therapeutics should be available to all cancer patients, providing pathologists, oncologists and clinicians alike with the best possible tools to aid in the diagnostic and therapeutic decision making process.

Our IHC, in situ and molecular tests are listed on our website (, which is updated frequently. If you do not see an antibody or probe or molecular target you require, please do not hesitate to contact us.

HSL-AD is a UKAS Accredited Medical Laboratory No. 9007.

Laboratory hours

Specimen Reception Enquiries: Monday–Friday: 09:30–18.00
Routine Opening Hours: Monday–Friday: 07:30–19:00

General enquiries

HSL-Advanced Diagnostics Ground Floor
60 Whitfield Street
Tel: +44 (0)203 912 0280
Fax: +44 (0)20 3912 0288

Clinical advice

Customers are encouraged to contact the laboratory with any queries about the testing service we provide. All requests should be either telephoned directly or emailed to The laboratory will liaise with our consultant colleagues where their clinical input is required.

Out-of-hours service

No weekend work or on-call services are available.

Urgent samples

If a report is required urgently, please mark the request form ‘Urgent’ and contact the laboratory via telephone or email. Please note only urgent cases should be marked as ‘Urgent’.