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HSL Advanced Diagnostics Results


Any request with interpretation will be done by the appropriate specialist Consultant Histopathologist or Biomedical Scientist team depending on the test requested.


Reports are returned by fax or email to the requesting hospitals only. A paper copy of the report is also sent out with the stained slides.

HSL use encrypted email for the secure transmission of patient results and information as required. We are in the process of transferring all report transmission to email rather than fax.

Where results are unexpected, require explanation or may require urgent intervention we will endeavor to contact the requestor.


There are times where instrument downtime may result in delay of slides being processed and returned. Such occurrences are very rare, and all major engineering tasks required for our IHC instruments and department are carried out during weekend periods. In the event of downtime, all customers will be contacted directly and will be informed of any situation with expected turnaround times.